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Here's the scoop on CostaWhyNot

Here’s The Scoop On Costawhynot

CostaWhyNot Relaunches Their Website! And It Looks Great!

Here’s the scoop on CostaWhyNot, we have redesigned our website, we have added more content and affiliates to make it more user friendly for you to use.

February “Just Working Like A Dog”

Hi! CWN Fans you might have been wondering… what have we been up to for the past month here in Panama? Well, here’s the scoop, We haven’t been posting as much on Facebook or on our website That’s because we’ve been “Just Working Like A Dog” redesigning the site making it easier for everyone to use. We added new pages, got rid of some, added more advertisers, put some legal gibberish on as well, you get the picture, you should definitely check ALL this out.  Well, here’s our February recap of what else we’ve been doing:  

 The scoop on CWN:

• We took a 26 Hour 10 minute TICA Bus ride from Costa Rica to Panama-you can check out our Blog on that trip!
• Settled into Condo at Nueva Gorgona
• “Hola” Almost totally forgot how to speak some Spanish!
• Hot water first time in 4 months
• A/C first time in 3 months and a pool too!
• First time in 5 months we shopped at a USA style grocery stores with American products, Skippy peanut butter, Hormel bacon, Crystal Farms Cheese and Miller (no one gives a f..&%#$*Lite Beer, We broke out into a sweat (and smile too), when we first walked into these stores and the prices Were 60% from where we just came from… Costa Rica…  go figure!
• Hired a web developer from India ( did not work as planned)
• Redesigned website  A lot of work,time, and mental energy
• Started / Designed New Web Site (A lot of work too!) Check it out!!!!!!
• Establish new Affiliates to advertise with make sure you check out our new pages!
All work and no play makes Spencer a dull boy so we took a bus trip to El Valle just to get a mud bath
• Bought fresh fish at the co-op on the beach-cheap -Spencer even cleaned and fileted one
• Never went in the ocean here very spoiled from Costa Rica
• Got a haircut at a real salon
• Planned our next leg of the journey to Quito Ecuador for April
• Bought our plane tickets back to the USA for July
• Thinking about, where in the world to travel next ? Any Ideas?
• Lost our Travel Pet “Bones” we’ll miss him ,he was a good pup
• We are moving to the bright lights and big city of Panama next so check in and make sure you check in on the website to see all of the changes and new pages we’ve added.

Enjoy The Journey!

Quote: Can’t Never Did Nothing’ 

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Spencer & Mary Jurrens
  • Lori Crawford
    Posted at 01:54h, 09 March

    LOVE this. Why are you moving to Panama? I really LOVE reading ALL your stuff! Be safe. Peace!

    • Spencer & Mary
      Posted at 02:39h, 10 March

      Hi Lori, We have been In Panama for the past 6 weeks now and will be here in Panama City until April 14th, Then we are Taking off to Ecuador In South America where we will spend our time traveling into July before we make our way to Minnesota. Check out our Whats Next Page for more dits. See you all soon!