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Costawhynot Is Looking To Update And…

As we freshen up our website Costawhynot with a new look and more content, We are looking for different ways to keep our business inline and online, so we are considering FreshBooks Accounting System. With increased traffic to the site and as our business continues to grow, FreshBooks looks like a great way to keep track of things. 

They offer a “work anywhere” app that’s compatible with both IPhone and Android. That means while Costawhynot is off on a crazy travel adventure, we can still be organized and keep track of our business from anywhere in the world. That’s a must have app for Costawhynot! We can easily keep track of expenses by just snapping a pic of our receipt and the information is automatically imported to our account. That means no more piles of receipts on the table and counters! Easy and fast…just the way we like it.  FreshBooks also offers their clients special reports, an expense tracking feature, and a customized invoicing system for a professional look. There is even a way to accept credit cards using FreshBooks.

 So, as we look for a better way to organize our business and discover areas where we can improve our company controls, FreshBooks looks like the company that will meet our needs and the needs of our clients.

The bottom line, we are taking a closer look at FreshBooks and you should too. Whether you are an up and coming business or an established company, FreshBooks can help with all of your accounting needs. Take a look at the FreshBooks promotional advertising below. Enjoy the Journey!




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Spencer & Mary Jurrens
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