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pool boy

Pool Boy Anyone? Who Loves Short Shorts!!

The Story of Mary & Pasqual…

Mary is just waiting for her “Pool Boy” Pasqual to tidy up!

Mary has been working hard all week on the blog. All she wants to do is float in the pool but alas, Paqual the pool boy is hard at work cleaning.

As Mary waits for Pasqual to finish his duties. Her cocktail glass is empty and she will not be satisfied until the pool boy can attend to every one of her needs. Although she does take total satisfaction in Pasqual keeping her pool clean. She is very dissatisfied with her empty glass.

She rattles the ice cubes in her glass signaling Pasqual with the international sign for “I need another! ”

pool boy

Just a couple more “My Maria” Then we will enjoy a cool dip together!

pool boy

Oh I can’t wait! Wink, Wink!

pool boy
AHHH.. The refreshing pool! Feels good to relax by after a hard day of travel!

Finally, Cocktails At The Cool Azul Pool… Dive In!

Spencer & Mary Jurrens
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