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Here’s a little bit about us

Hi, here’s a little bit about us…our names are Spencer and Mary Jurrens, we have been “blissfully” married for 23 years with two beautiful kids, Alex and Brittany. We have had a dream of island living for several years & we thought, “Why wait until we are retired, let’s go for it now”  Through lots of planning we finally made an announcement at Christmas time 2014 to our families. We told them we were going to move somewhere to the islands and that we did not know when or where, but it would be within the coming year, which did not go over that well with everyone! They thought we were crazy!

Not knowing exactly where” there” was, we spent several months researching online and through networking with friends and associates trying to figure out where we were headed, we looked at the Bahamas, Puerto Rico, US Virgin Islands, Mexico, Panama, Nicaragua, and Roatan were high on the list, finally we made the decision to start with Costa Rica. Our criteria for picking a country was quite simple: we must be able to work or earn an income, the country overall must be safe and the government friendly to the USA.

Here’s a little bit about us and our family:

We have always had an active family and found ways to enjoy Minnesota’s four seasons, dirt biking in the spring, summer and fall, snowmobiling, downhill skiing in the winter, swimming in the summer and enjoying our backyard oasis with our friends and family in the beautiful suburb of St. Paul MN. Traveling with the kids to tropical destinations, and taking road trips through the Midwest.

Winter Activities:

As a family we always loved the four seasons of Minnesota…especially winter! We snowmobiled through the 20,000 + beautiful wooded trails of Northern Minnesota even reaching out into Wisconsin and the Upper Peninsula of Michigan, skied the hills of the local ski resorts in Minnesota and took the occasional ski trip to the Colorado Rockies.

Ice fishing… now that was pretty much the guys sitting around, looking down a partially iced over hole, drinking beer and smoking Swisher Sweets. Anyone from Minnesota appreciates the smell of a good hard wood bonfire any time of the year even in the dead of winter, this includes the smell of roasting hotdogs and marshmallows, and the belly warming taste of schnapps and Bailey’s.

Summer Activities:

Dirt biking and woods racing turned into our family summer sport. Our weekends were spent racing or wrenching on the bikes. It’s not just the weekend of racing that brings the family together, its wrenching on the bikes all week to get them ready for race day. Packing up the truck on race day with all the gear, bikes, and food, with mom acting as pit boss, came easy after a few years of practice. Of course there were a few broken bones and lots of bruises (mainly by Spencer) but it was an awesome family sport. We met a lot of great people through the race circuit of District 23 which took us on races through Minnesota, Wisconsin and Illinois.

Why We are where we are today:

We wouldn’t be where we are today without the upbringing and influence of our parents and we are so lucky to still have our beautiful mom’s here to encourage us.

What we’ve discovered so far…

Travel is sometimes difficult and unpredictable. The challenges of successfully adapting to the change is what real travel is all about. Life changes all of the time and a person’s perception of reality changes along with it. We thought we would relocate to Costa Rica and reestablish ourselves. But, when we got there we soon discovered that there was a great big world out there and we wanted to see more of it!

It’s not like “kind of” starting over, it is starting over and it has not been easy by any means. So follow us on our journey and enjoy the travels of Spencer and Mary we will show you the reality of making this kind a move with all the ups and downs along the way.

Enjoy the Journey!