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What’s Next… Quito Ecuador South America !

Did You know that Quito Ecuador located high in the Andes mountains is often called “the belly button of the earth?”  Por Que? You may ask, because the city is located along the dividing line between the Northern and Southern Hemispheres.  Enjoy this link to learn more about the ancient city of Quito

Where We’ve Been

what's next
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Where We’ve Been & What’s Next

Click on the map locations below to see where we’ve been and what’s next !

  • It looks like the country of Panama is in our sites, We’ll keep you posted !
  • OK, Panama is set now!!! Maybe we will consider Ecuador or Peru, Stay tuned !
  • We’re halfway through our Panama Journey and we have set our plans and are now heading to Quito Ecuador in April!
  • It’s Lima & Cusco Peru and then off to Santiago Chile before we head back to the USA!

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